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> noun
  1. Any movement, action, or series of such made in carrying out plans which are illegal or quasilegal.
  2. Operation conducted by mercenaries ("Shadowrunners") employed as third parties so as to be deniable by the party employing them. Employers often identify themselves as Mr. or Mrs. Johnson to hide their identity.
> noun
  1. An independent contractor, hired to do Shadowruns.
  2. A person who carries out 'Shadowruns', often as their main source of income. Shadowrunners come from a variety of backgrounds such as corporate security, eco-activism, or thaumalogical research. Common themes among Shadowrunners include anarchistic tendencies and a distrust of corporations.

The year is 2075, but it is the future of a past not our own. A series of three important threads of events unfold in a way that changes the world as it is known:

  1. Corporate Extraterritoriality works its way through politics and economies, resulting in a vast change in the balance of power between nation states and for-profit businesses. The largest corporations become nearly nations unto themselves.
  2. Virally-Induced Toxic Allergy Syndrome (VITAS), a new illness, has its first outbreak in India before rapidly spreading world wide. The virus is lethal, highly communicable, and airborne. Billions die.
  3. The Awakening, a series of events in the year 2011 climaxing on December 24th. Some children are born with features of previously believed mythical characteristics. Elves, Dwarfs, Goblins, Trolls and more. Some otherwise normal humans express a change into such a race during puberty (referred to as Goblinization). Dragons appear. Magic turns out to be real as the first mages express their powers.

In the aftermath, many nations find themselves fragmented among factions. Quebec secedes from Canada, the United States splits into a number of subfactions. Native Americans take back huge swaths, and the southern states re-unify into the "Confederate American States". The remaining parts of the country merge with Canada to form the UCAS (Union of Confederate American States).


This is only one story from that world, but it is a story that may reverberate through the threads of history or whimper and fade to nothingness. The question of what happens when you have a Remembrance In The Shadows.

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Remembrance in the Shadows

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