Brainstorming Draft Only
Border Location:

  • Aztlan pushed up to the Colorado river/Lady Bird lake and then was held there. As such, North Austin would be CAS, but South Austin would be Aztlan.
    • The Austin-Bergstrom airport would be captured by Aztlan. Since this was originally an Air Force base in the 80’s when I lived just outside of it, they could keep the international airport active, but also return half of it to an active military base state in order to monitor the border.
      Border Tensions:
  • The CAS Air Force and the Aztlan Air Force regularly test each other.


  • I-35 and MoPac expressway?
    • lots of SIN checks, corrupt guards, etc…
    • water being a demilitarized or “neutral” zone heavily monitored by both sides.


  • North Austin/CAS
    • CAS pride runs high; Texas pride runs higher.
    • “Remember the South Texas”
    • Downtown 6th St huge entertainment venue right on the border
  • South Austin/Aztlan
    • Barton Springs? Hamilton Pool?
    • Circuit of the Americas
  • Industry/Tech/Corps
    • Lone Star HQ is in North Austin
    • “Silicon Hills”
    • Expansion into Military tech?


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